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A copper brown dog
Sweet Dog
Rescue Puppy

Dog Transports that Save Lives

You moved, and you couldn't take your dog with you. Now, you're settled in, and it's time to bring Sparky home. Your newly adopted rescue pup is clear across the country. Flights are a nightmare, and breed restrictions are making things impossible. Your breeder just let you know that your new puppy is ready to go home. But, how do you get her there?


Whatever the situation, we've got you covered. We're a two person team; an engaged couple who run a dog rescue and drive the transports. Proceeds from your bookings will go directly to the rescue, boarding, care for, and transporting of dogs saved from euthansia. By booking with Cosmo's Dog Rescue, you know that bringing Sparky home is not only making you one happy dog parent, but it's making one lucky rescue dog the happiest dog in the world! Plus, your booking is tax deductible. 

To book a transport,
please call or text:

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