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Ways to Help


Join Our Efforts

We could always use an extra hand. We are located in Clovis, New Mexico. If you are in the area and ever want to come by, our rescues would love some extra pets, some extra fetch games, and some extra love. We also depend on food and supplies donations from our community to keep our costs down. A donation acceptance area will soon be available, but for now, feel free to call or text 760-590-1397 so we can meet you, accept your donations, and thank you personally.


You Can Make a Difference

We are always in need of funds for the vetting, feeding, and general caretaking of our foster dogs. It is not uncommon for our sponsors and rescues to have to scramble to find some extra funds to save a dog's life. Having a constant stream of funds means that your dollars will ensure we don't have to "put them down" due to insufficient funds.


Create an Impact

We will always do our best to update our sponsors on our progress. Sign up for our emails to get updates on the progress of our boarding facility, the well-being of our fosters, and the final goal: adoptions! Share our pictures and videos with your friends and family to help us raise awareness of our organization. Raising awareness means more people impacted, which means more dogs impacted.

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