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a 501c3 organization


Here at Cosmo's Dog Rescue, we are driven to do our part in making the world a better place, both for dogs and dog lovers. Cosmo is a 110-pound Anatolian Shepard mix who is the fur-baby of Geraldine Ramirez and Francisco Gutierrez; a couple in Clovis, New Mexico who moved to the small town from California. Upon arrival to the area, they witnessed the massive dog overpopulation problem in this rural town, and decided to do their part to help. After fostering for some time, Geraldine decided that she needed to do more. She now boards dogs for a small fee in order to raise funds towards the formation of this rescue, as well as the vetting and transport of dogs that are saved from death row. And, as always, Cosmo is on the property, ready to welcome all the new fosters with open paws.. Many of the rescued dogs are timid and afraid, and Cosmo is always there to play "daddy dog" and protector to all the new arrivals. The rescue is named in honor of Cosmo's loving soul.

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3 siblings


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There are many steps involved in the process of becoming a full-fledged dog rescue. Receiving the determination letter from the IRS stating that your organization has been accepted as a tax exempt organization is one of the final steps... on paper. There are still a massive amount of things that need to be done in order to turn out little run down shop into a real boarding facility. There are still many things that need to be done for us to be able to save dog's lives, care for them to the utmost of our abilities, and find their forever homes. 

The processes, the work and the length of time and effort that goes into each rescued dog is nothing to downplay. The load is heavy. But, of course, each saved life is a reminder that every ounce of energy given to this cause is very much worth it. And now, we need your help. We run a low-cost boarding facility which needs a lot of work done to it, but cannot save enough funds to do it all on our own. Please consider donating to Cosmo's Dog Rescue to help us give these rescued dogs the most comfortable stay at Cosmo's that we possibly can. These dogs deserve it. Donate Here


Mid-September. Clovis, New Mexico. Three siblings and their mother are picked up as strays by the Clovis Animal Shelter. All four animals are squeezed together into one kennel to save space, allowing the shelter to give the family some more time to find a rescue. Mother doesn't make out due to her wild, aggressive behavior and lack of an accepting rescue. Heather, Rhonda, Lisa (active rescue community members and these 3's sponsors) and Cosmo's Dog Rescue team up to give the 3 siblings a chance at life. Upon CDR receiving the 2 sisters, nicknamed Kim and Khloe, it is quickly realized that they are fighting a losing battle with parvo, and sent to the vet. Rustie, the male sibling puppy, went straight to the vet upon release from the animal shelter. All 3 dogs are facing demise. Their original rescuing organization (that will not be named) decides that the puppies are better off being put down due to financial constraints. Although this is a heartbreaking decision, it is a common reality. Heather, Rhonda, Lisa and CDR decide not to give up on them, and the 3 individuals decide to pay the money out of their own pockets to take all 3 dogs to the vet for immediate parvo survival procedures. Today, all 3 siblings are reunited at Cosmo's Dog Rescue, making full recoveries, and smothering Cosmo. Thanks to their saviors, all 3 siblings will receive full-time attention until fully recovered, found appropriate rescues and eventually, loving homes. These are the type of success stories that the entire community strives for. 

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What we do to help save dog's lives

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A safe haven for both rescue dogs and people's pets when mom and dad need a vacation!


In urgent cases when dog's lives are at stake, we offer short-term fostering while a dog gets vetted, decompresses and is found a rescue or adopter.


We provide transport, near and far, in order to get a dog to their long-term rescue or adopter. 


Clovis, NM, USA


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